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Oriental Fish

Your memory is a monster; you forget-it doesn't. It simply files things away. It keeps things for you, or hides things from you--and summons them to your recall with will of its own. You think you have a memory; but it has you!

                                                                                                    -John Irving

Top Down Bottom Up Processing.jpg

Top Down Bottom Up Processing

Mixed Media: Acrylic, Pouring Medium, Beads, cut scraps of Black & White photographs.

Top Down Bottom Up Processing is a visual representation of Gregory (1970) and Gibson’s (1966) theory of Top Down and Bottom Up processing of information. The upside-down jars and the collection of black & white photographs of faces taken by me represent both forms of information processing. Smaller chunks for top-down & full faces for bottom-up, provide a crude but complete conceptualization of the two different competing theories of information processing.

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